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Kansai Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd

Kansai Saw is proud of its traditional techniques and assured quality saw blades.
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About Us

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Kansai Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd

Trusted For Introducing Quality Built Gardening, Chip Saw Blades, Ninja Series Saw Blades & Woodworking Tools.

About Us

The best combination of technology and quality is now easy to find in our industrial tools. We are Kansai Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd., a Miki Town, Hyogo, Japan located business establishment, serving as a manufacturer of industrial tools in the global marketplace. Our company was established a century ago, in the year 1919 with an intention to support industrial advancement. It is with the result of our intention that small and large scale companies in the global marketplace today trust us for sourcing Saw Blades, Replaceable Hand Saws and Brush Cutter Blades.

In industries like woodworking, agriculture and carpentry, our array of tools find great use.
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Manufacturer & Exporter of Saw Blades, Replaceable Hand Saws and Brush Cutter Blades, etc.

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Different?

There are various factors that make our company different from the rest. Some of these factors are bulleted below:

  • Advanced production operations that support us in bulk manufacturing of tools
  • Customer benefiting plans like proactive communication and honest business deals
  • Reasonable pricing structure and prompt delivery in domestic and international market
  • Unbeatable quality of our Saw Blades, Replaceable Hand Saws and Brush Cutter Blades 
  • Ability of turning requests of customers into excellent reality by developing OEM products

Our Future

With clarity of our future agenda in mind, we are treading ahead in the industry and delivering the best.



Our motto is to present before clients a finely developed line of industrial tools that prove beneficial for customers. 


Kansai Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd., commits of rendering the best service and high satisfaction to all its customers.

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Ninja Series Saw Blades
Ninja Series Saw Blades
Chip Saw Blades
Chip Saw Blades
Brush Cutter 2 Tooth Blade
Brush Cutter 2 Tooth Blade
Hand Saw
Hand Saw
Customized OEM Products Manufacturing
Customized OEM Products Manufacturing
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